Thursday, April 16, 2009

Effect of sex and weight

Portuguese researchers studied the effect of sex and carcass weight on the sensory quality of goat meat.

goat meat for sale in New York CitySensory attributes of toughness, juiciness, flavor intensity, flavor quality, odor intensity, fiber presense (stringy), sweet intensity and overall acceptability were evaluated in 60 males and females allocated to 3 carcass weight groups: 4 (8.8 lbs.), 6 (13.2 lbs.), and 8 (17.6 lbs.) kg. Sensory qualty was evaluated by a trained taste panel of 11 experts.

A sex effect was detected by the panelists as meat from males presented greater juiciness, flavor quality, and general acceptability than did meat from females. The taste panel found differences between animals from distinct carcass weight ranges. Lighter weight carcasses were considered more tender with less flavor and odor intensity than heavier carcasses.

Source: Journal of Animal Science. 2009 . 87:711-715.