Friday, February 6, 2009

"Hot boxes" for lambs and kids

Here is a picture of the hot boxes I made. Please credit Brad Rill, Hampstead with the idea. A heat lamp is mounted inside at the top with the wire pulled through the opening of the 55 gallon barrel. The hole size is 9" wide and 14" high.

hot boxDuring the recent cold snap, I found that I could put the wet lamb inside and the mother could finish licking the lamb. I found that a 125 watt bulb was sufficient. When temperatures got below zero, one may have to use a 250 watt bulb. I found that a 250 watt bulb got almost too warm and caused the lambs to leave.

hot box I pulled the barrels out when the temperatures rose or after a couple of days.

Submitted by John Hall, a Suffolk sheep breeder from Chestertown, Maryland.