Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Garlic and papaya fail to control worms

Garlic and papaya failed to control internal parasites (worms) in goats and sheep in three experiments conducted in Arkansas.

In the first experiment, weaned, naturally-infected meat goat kids were administered water or a commercially-available, certified-organic garlic product: garlic juice (7 goats per treatment). They were fed bermudagrass hay and a corn/soybean supplement.

In the second experiment, goats were administered water, garlic juice, or fed garlic bulbs (9 or 10 goats per treatment). They were maintained on bermudagrass pasture. In a third experiment, lambs were administered nothing or papaya seed in water (12 lambs per treatment). They were maintained on mixed grass pastures.

Blood and fecal samples were collected at 0, 7, and 14 days after treatment. No changes were observed in fecal egg counts (FEC) or packed cell volume/PCV (# red blood cells) between treatment groups in the three experiments. As a result, the reseachers could not recommend either garlic or papaya seed as an aid in the control of parasites in goats and sheep.

Source: Veterinary Parasitology. February 2009.