Monday, December 22, 2008

Mix a ration

Bulk feed binRationMixer is an Excel spreadsheet designed to help you mix a ration for your sheep, goats, or other livestock. The spreadsheet includes a list of feedstuffs commonly fed to sheep and goats. You can also add your own feed ingredients.

To use the spreadsheet, you put in the amount (pounds) of each feedstuff that you plan to include in the mixture. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate batch size, %TDN (energy), %CP (protein), %Ca (calcium), %P (phosphorus), and Ca:P ratio. It will also calculate the cost of the ration (per lb., per cwt., and per ton).

By trial and error, you can determine least-cost formulations. Make sure you put in your own values for feed costs. If you have your own nutrient values, you should use them instead of the "book values" included in the RationMixer spreadsheet.

Download RationMixer spreadsheet