Friday, December 5, 2008

Give a goat or sheep for Christmas

Don't know what to buy someone for Christmas? More and more people are turning to charities for gift-buying to benefit the needy.

Dairy goat doeFounded in 1944, Heifer Project International is a humanitarian assistance organization that works to end world hunger and protect the earth. Through livestock, training, and passing on the gift, Heifer has helped 8.5 million families in more than 125 countries improve their quality of life and move toward greater self-reliance.

Heifer helps build strong communities because each project participant agrees to pass on the gift of animal offspring, training, or skills to another family in need.

A sheep or goat costs $120 ($10 for a share) and may help to lift a family out of poverty.

View Heifer Project's gift catalog

World Vision also has a livestock gift catalog at

"With all the money donated to help fight famine around the world, with all the grandiose plans conceived to conquer poverty, sometimes all it takes to save a child is a goat."

-- 60 Minutes, CBS News Magazine Program