Friday, November 14, 2008

Spirit of Humane

According to their web site, Spirit of Humane is committed to the development and commercial distribution of humane slaughter systems for small-scale operations. They market restraint equipment and aids for Halal, Kosher, and general hand slaughter.

restraint for religious slaugher (image by Spirit of Humane)Spirit of Humane are family farmers who raise sheep and goats in Northwest Wisconsin. They worked with animal welfare experts to develop a restraint system for the religious slaughter of livestock. The restraint system complies with Halal and Kosher standards and exceeds the requirements of the Humane Slaughter Act.

Spirit of Humane markets a suitable knife for humane sheep and goat slaughter and a mobile slaughter unit. The slaughter unit is built to USDA standards. It is designed for small-scale custom and low volume state and federally inspected facilities.

Partial funding of the Spirit of Humane process was provided by a North Central Region SARE Producer Grant, a Wisconsin Added Value Producer grant, and the Browse & Grass Farmer Association.

The Northeast Sheep & Goat Marketing Program was also instrumental in the development of these slaughter tools.

Download brochure of their products