Friday, September 19, 2008

New abattoir in Maryland

LambCo LLC is a modern, state-of-the art facility for the humane housing and harvesting of sheep and goats. The facility, located in New Windsor, Maryland, opened in July. Its owners are catering to the region's growing Muslim community, as well as other ethnic groups which have a preference for sheep and goat meat in their diets.

LambCo LLC - abattoir and holding facility
LambCo is a USDA-inspected facility that meets all the requirements for custom slaughter. After choosing a sheep or goat for harvest, the customer may perform the slaughter himself or have the animal custom processed in the facility. LambCo plans to have USDA meat certification by the end of the year and is already Halal certified.

LambCo received an "Enterprise Carroll" agricultural development grant to assist with construction of the new facility.

LambCo is owned and operated by Joe Kavanaugh, Jr. and Family, who can be reached at (410) 775-0456 or

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