Monday, June 2, 2008

Maryland Wool Pool

The 51st Annual Maryland Wool Pool will be held on Wednesday, June 18, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium, MD.

There will be three lines to accept wool. Consigners with wool baled into square bales will be pulled out of line to unload at a third line. The other two lines will accept loose wool.

bringing wool to the poolPrices are about the same as last year: Choice white-face, 0.76 per lb.; Medium white-face, 0.55 per lb.; Coarse white-face, 0.49 per lb.; non white-face, 0.47 per lb.; and short, 0.39 per lb.

The price you receive for your wool will be the announced price minus a deduction for pool expenses (usually 5 to 8 cents per lb.). A check will be mailed within several weeks of the pool.

Maryland Sheep Breeders Association annual dues of $25 will be withheld on wool sales over $40. The MSBA board of directors have made it a policy that no refunds be made. MSBA members receive the quarterly, Maryland Sheep News.

We are now using nylon square packs to ship our wool in. Any producer bringing wool to the pool in the nylon square packs weighing 250 pounds or more will receive a 5 cent per pound bonus payment for their wool. A replacement wool pack will be issued with each pack containing 250 pounds or more.

Smaller lots of wool can be delivered in plastic trash bags (clear bags preferred) or loose in your vehicle. Never use polypropylene feed bags and please avoid using burlap bags. Wool delivered in polypropylene bags will be refused and wool delivered in burlap will be deducted 3 cents per pound.

Black and gray wool and wool from hair sheep or hair sheep crosses will not be accepted. Wet wool cannot be accepted.

For more information, contact pool manager Rich Barczewski at (302) 857-6410 (day time) or (302) 659-1211 (evenings, before 9 p.m.) or via e-mail at

Information provided by Rich Barzcewski