Monday, May 5, 2008

Who visits the blog?

According to a survey on this blog, sheep producers with conventional wooled breeds make up the highest percentage of the visitors to the blog at 38 percent. The second largest group of visitors is meat goat producers at 33 percent.

goats playing on large tree stumpTwenty (20) percent of the visitors to the blog are hair sheep producers. Twenty (20) percent are dairy goat producers. Fifteen (15) percent raise sheep and/or goats for pets/companions. Nine (9) percent raise fiber goats. Eight (8) percent have llamas or alpacas and 4 percent don't own any small ruminant.

There were 132 respondents to the survey. Thanks to everyone who responded.

The Shepherd's Notebook blog was created to provide timely information to sheep and goat producers and anyone else interested in small ruminant production and marketing.

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