Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Maryland Agriculture Exchange

Maryland goat producerThe Environmental Finance Center (EFC) located at the National Center for Smart Growth, announces the launch of a new agriculture products exchange website located at

The first of its kind in Maryland, is a free exchange for farmers and others to buy, sell, and trade manure, compost, hay, fodder crops, fruits and vegetables, organics, equipment, livestock, and much more.

All trades are made strictly between buyer and seller. The new website is intended to compliment state-run manure transport programs and provide a free, user-friendly marketplace where farmers and other interested parties can buy and sell agricultural products and services.

Added features of the site include a directory for business and a resource section showing a calendar of events and important news for the Chesapeake Bay agriculture community.

Since the website will act as a marketplace, all transactions are the responsibility of the buyer and seller. The website is dynamic and allows traders to quickly register and then post anytime without filling out any forms. Pricing and delivery are left up to buyer and seller to work out on their own.

This is a secured website that will be monitored and maintained by the EFC staff. All information is kept private. Post your trade today. For any questions regarding, please contact Joanne Throwe at 301/405-5036.