Monday, March 3, 2008

New book about Kiko goats

High percentage Kiko buckAn informative book about the Kiko breed of goat was recently published. The purpose of the book, "The Kiko Goat in America, " is to trace the development of the Kiko meat goat in New Zealand, its importation into America, and its adaptation to our environment.

The book was compiled by Joe David Pool. It consists of a compilation of articles by ten authors, arranged into 12 chapters. Its 21 photographs include those of the goats used in the foundation of the breed in New Zealand, early herd sires in America, and of people who were prominent in the establishment of the breed in America.

The cost of the 84-page paperback is $14.95 plus a $3 shipping cost. To order a copy, contact Joe Pool at 1432 Franklin Road, DeRidder, LA 70634 or

Information provided by Joe Pool.