Sunday, December 23, 2007

Supply drives prices down

In advance of the upcoming holiday season, a large supply of slaughter lambs and goats was offered at New Holland's (PA) Monday (December 17) sale. The supply included 4,415 sheep and lambs and 4,055 goats. This large supply resulted in lower prices across the board.

New Holland Sales Stables, New Holland, PASlaughter lambs sold $5 to $10 lower as compared to the previous week. Slaughter ewes sold $2 to $5 weaker. Slaughter kids sold steady to weak. Nannies sold $5 lower. Billies sold weaker. All goats are sold by the head with estimated weights. Lambs are sold by the hundred weight, on actual weights.

The New Holland Sales Stables in New Holland, PA, is one of the most important sheep and goat auctions in the United States.

December 20 New Holland Sale Report
Sheep and Goat Weighted Average Report