Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sheep sing Jingle Bells

The Lake District in Cumbria is one of England's most popular destinations due to its outstanding scenery of lakes and mountains which is home to thousands of sheep. It is also home to a flock of "singing" sheep.

Singing sheep (image from www.golakes.co.uk)Originally, the Baarmy sheep recorded a classic English song, "Land of Hope and Glory" to support England's World Cup team. Due to the singing sheep's popularity, they released several more songs, including "Jingle Bells," which has become a popular download on the Cumbria web site.

You can watch videos of the Baarmy sheep songs or download them as ringtones or MP3 files. The video of the World Cup song shows sheep playing football (American soccer).

Christmas Baarmy Sheep
Watch the Christmas video on YouTube
World Cup Sheep