Monday, September 10, 2007

Dealing with high hay prices

dairy goats eating hay"Dealing with high hay prices" is an article written by Dr. Mike Neary, the Extension Sheep Specialist at Purdue University. Neary's article was written ten years ago, but most of the information contained in it applies to today's circumstances when many small ruminant producers face high hay prices, due to drought or wet conditions.

Unless one can find hay that is reasonable in price, the only option in reducing hay cost is to feed less hay. Methods to reduce hay usage:
  1. Have hay harvested for nutritional value
  2. Match forage quality to nutritional needs of sheep
  3. Calculate how much hay will be needed
  4. Extend the grazing season
  5. Limit access to big bales
  6. Cull and sort ewes
  7. Consider forage alternatives
  8. Consider ration alternatives
  9. Obtain hay early
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