Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bucks for sale via private treaty

Currently, there are 47 meat goats participating in the Western Maryland Pasture-Based Meat Goat Performance Test in Keedysville, Maryland. Forty (40) are intact males which may be suitable for breeding. Breed types include Boer, Kiko, Kiko x Boer, Kiko x dairy, and South East Cross.

Most of the bucks on test are available for sale via private treaty from their owners. Contact Susan Schoenian at (301) 432-2767 x343 or sschoen@umd.edu for owner contact information.

Kiko bucks on testTo view data and pictures of the bucks, visit the blog at http://mdgoattest.blogspot.com/. Additional pictures of the meat goat test can be viewed at Susan's Flickr™ web site.

While on test, the goats have been evaluated for growth performance and parasite resistance. Scrotal measurements will be taken on September 26. We're hoping to have the goats scanned for backfat thickness and ribeye area, as well. Scheduling is pending.

The purpose of a central performance test is to determine genetic differences in livestock, as opposed to differences which result from different feeding and management programs. Several states conduct central performance testing programs for small ruminants. These are excellent places to purchase bucks and rams.

The other value of central performance is that it allows producers to select males on the basis of their performance, as opposed to just how they look, which gives little indication of how their offspring will perform.

The goats will be at the Western Maryland research station until October 6.

Download report of goats ranked by ADG