Wednesday, August 29, 2007

PA ram and buck sale averages $314

Pennsylvania’s 29th Performance Tested Ram Lamb and Meat Goat Buck Sale was held on Aug. 4 at the Samuel E. Hayes Jr. Livestock Evaluation Center. This year’s sale averaged $314 per animal for 179 rams, meat goat bucks, and invitational ewes and does; the largest offering in the sale’s history.

The rams and meat goat bucks in the sale were the top animals selected from the 77-day ram and 70-day buck growth trials. Twenty-one full-blood Boer bucks averaged $472 per head. The top price was $950. Ten percentage bucks averaged $278 per head in the sale. An additional 34 does consigned by breeders in the test averaged $263 per head.

The 61 tested rams in the sale sold for a record-setting average of $397. The top price was $1,300, shared by a Suffolk and Dorset ram. These rams represented some of the best genetics of eight different breeds. Fifty-four ewes of the same represented breeds, consigned by breeders with animals on test, averaged $215 per head.

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