Monday, July 2, 2007

A Producer's Guide to Scrapie

A new online education course, “A Producer’s Guide to Scrapie,” is available on the American Sheep Industry Association's web site.

sheep with scrapie (UK image)The free online course takes approximately an hour to work through completely, but has a great built-in feature that allows users to exit the course at any point and return to where they left off. This is also convenient when a question arises, as users can go directly to the section in the course that has the answer.

The module provides information on what signs to look for when identifying scrapie and gives producers guidelines to prevent scrapie from being introduced into their flock. It explains the essence of the National Scrapie Eradication Program, spelling out the responsibilities of the producers as well as providing a great number of resources to keep them informed about the program.

This program is not only a great reference tool for experienced producers, it is also an excellent resource for youth programs and for producers just starting out in the sheep business. All U.S. sheep and goat producers are encouraged to access this user-friendly learning tool .