Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wool socks for aviators

The U.S. Army has awarded a Northfield, Vermont manufacturer a $1.7 million contract to produce combat socks. Cabot Hosiery Mill, Inc. will produce 300,000 pairs of wool boot socks for Army aviators. The wool socks will be an improvement over the standard issue boot sock.

According to a company representative, "Many of the armed forces are switching to wool for the next-to-skin layer." Unlike synthetic material, wool doesn't burn, melt, or drip when it comes into contact with heat or flame. The military in Iraq and Afghanistan has found that the heat is so intense from a roadside bomb that it can melt a synthetic-based layer to the skin.

Cabot Hosiery has 100 knitting machines and employs 85 workers at its 60,000 square foot hosiery. They manufacture 6 million pairs of socks a year in a variety of fibers and colors. The new military contract will enable them to create a half dozen new jobs.

Source: ASI Weekly, June 22, 2007