Thursday, May 31, 2007

Goats-for-Peace Plan

In Kenya, more than 8,000 families hit by cattle rustling in the North Rift are to benefit from a multi-million program aimed at replenishing their livestock.

crossbred kidAlready, 3,000 goats have been donated to affected families. The scheme hopes to encourage communities to stop cattle-rustling, an endemic problem in the area

Also to be covered by the restocking program are women and children whose husbands and fathers have been killed in raids. Widows who have lost their animals are given first priority.

The restocking program also includes free education, the training of para-veterinarians, and drugs to help local herders fight livestock diseases.

A similar program is taking place among pastoral communities in Uganda that are similarly affected by cattle rustling.

Source: (via International Goat Association)