Wednesday, November 1, 2006

West Virginia Small Ruminant Project

The West Virginia Sheep Management Project is evolving into the West Virginia Small Ruminant Project. With the increased interest and tremendous growth of the meat goat industry in West Virgnia and throughout the region, WVU faculty working with the project are trying to provide additional educational opportunities and services in the areas of Meat Goat Production and Marketing.

The Small Ruminant Project has a new director. Brad Smith, WVU Extension Agent in Grant County has taken on a 50% appoinment as director. Brad has been involved with the Sheep Management Project since its inception nearly 10 years ago. Brad will be hiring an assistant.

The Small Ruminant Project office is maintained at the Community Center in Franklin, West Virginia can be reached at (304) 358-3661. Brad can be reached at (304) 257-4688 or

Source: News Ewe Can Use, Fall 2006

West Virginia Sheep Management Project
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