Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Pasture-Based Performance Testing Program

A Pasture Performance Testing Program for Sheep and Goats will be initiated at the Western Maryland Research & Education Center in Keedysville, Maryland in 2006. The test will alternate between sheep and goats. The 2006 test will be for male goats It will begin on June 10 and last for 120 days. The goats will be managed as a single group on pasture.

The test will open to wether and buck kids, of any breed or breed cross, born between December 31, 2005, and March 15, 2006. Producers may consign up to 5 animals, for a maximum test group of 50. The test will be open to out-of-state producers, but Maryland producers will have the opportunity to fill half of the test. The cost of the test will be $75 per animal.

Learn more about the Performance Testing Program.

To receive an information packet and nomination form, contact Susan Schoenian at (301) 432-2767 x343 or sschoen@umd.edu.

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