Friday, March 1, 2013

Please complete survey on parasitism

The University of Maryland Eastern Shore is applying for a grant to USDA/NIFA to investigate the cost of parasite (worms) infections in sheep and goats. The proposal has two components: one for research and the other for extension (training sheep and goat farmers to use integrated parasite management practices).

How much do parasites cost you?
It is very hard to identify the number of dollars that producers do not take in as income because of sub-clinical worm infections. The proposed project will attempt to identify the value of the “loss” of income.

The present survey tries to verify the perception of sheep and goat farmers in reference to worm infections. The survey results will be included in the grant application package. 

 There is a more detailed description of the project attached to the survey. The title of the project is: "On-farm fecal gastrointestinal parasite egg counts for efficacious use of anthelmintics and to ascertain monetary impact in sheep and goat farms on Delmarva."

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