Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Virginia Tech Southwest AREC Ram Test

2014 will be the third year of the Virginia Tech Southwest AREC Ram Test. Registered rams, of any breed, born between January 15 and March 15 are eligible. Consignments are due May 10. Ram delivery is June 2. The test is open to any breeder in the US.

After a 3-week acclimation period, the rams will be evaluated for 70 days. While on test, the rams will have continuous access to high quality fescue-based pasture. They will be supplemented on a daily basis with concentrate at a rate of 3% of their body weight.

At the start of the test period, the rams will receive an oral dose of 3rd stage Haemonchus contortus larvae, appropriate for their body weight (5,000 infective larvae will be the standard dose).  Rams harboring resistant parasites will not be allowed to participate in the test.

Rams fed for high rates of gain prior to delivery will likely not perform as well on test; and rams that have not had prior exposure to internal parasites may not be able to fully express their potential for parasite resistance.

A sale and field day will be held on Saturday, September 27.  A target number of 40 rams will be sold. A consignor cannot sell more than one half of his/her rams.

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