Monday, April 7, 2014

2014 Virginia Ram Lamb Performance Test

The 2014 Virginia Ram Lamb Test program is set to begin on May 13, 2014.  Nominations are due April 10. Ram delivery is scheduled for Tuesday, April 29.The program is open to breeders from Virginia and surrounding states and to rams of all breeds (born September 2013 through February 2014).

After a two-week adjustment period, the rams will be tested for 63 days. They will be fed a pelleted ration containing 70% TDN and 14% CP and have unlimited access to grass paddocks while on test. Ultrasonic evaluation for carcass merit will be conducted at appropriate times during the test. The rams will be dewormed as needed, based on FAMACHA© scores. They will be run through a foot bath on a regular basis.

The top-performing rams will be sold on August 23 at the Shenandoah Valley Research & Education Center in Steele's Tavern, Virginia. In addition to the ram sale, there will be a consignment ewe sale and sheep field day and educational program.

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roysfarm said...

What is the name of this lamb breed? Is it suitable for farming in European countries?

Susan Schoenian said...

Suffolk. The breed is common to Europe. They just look different than the U.S. version. Smaller framed, but heavier muscled.