Wednesday, March 26, 2008

National Goat Handbook online

For the past several years, the National Goat Handbook has been diffcult to find online. It is no longer available in print. It is also called the Extension Goat Handbook.

Dry Nubian doeThe handbook was originally developed at the request of leaders of the goat industry to provide an up-to-date and comprehensive source of information on goats.

The 412-page handbook contains multiple sections: goat industry, management and housing, nutrition, genetics and reproduction, milk and milk handling, anatomy and physiology, and health and disease management. Some of the information is out-dated, but most is still relevant to current goat production systems.

The National Goat Handbook is currently being hosted online by the University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension (Richland County) and the National Agricultural Library (The Outlands).

The "replacement" for the National Goat Handbook is the National Goat Database Goat Handbook. It includes materials from collections at the National Agricultural Library.

National Goat Handbook(WI)

National Goat Handbook (NAL)
National Goat Database (ADDS)