Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New fact sheet on CL

Goat with an abscess.  Is it CL?
The Alabama Cooperative Extension System has published a new fact sheet on Caseous Lymphadenitis. The 4-page publication was written by Maria Leite-Browning, DVM, M.S., Extension Animal Scientist at Alabama A&M University.

Caseous Lymphadenitis or CL is a highly contagious bacterial disease that affects sheep and goats. CL is characterized by abscess formations in the skin, internal and external lymph nodes, and internal organs.

The internal form of disease has been reported as the third most important cause of condemnation of sheep carcasses in the U.S. CL is common among meat goats and tends to be a controversial subject among goat breeders.

Fact sheet in HTML format
PDF version of fact sheet

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